Why Writing?

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The world of writing is undergoing a revolution. Think of all the new electronic ways to write.

There are emails, e-books, text messages, instant messaging, blogs, web pages, and social-networking sites, just to name a few. Parents and children may send text messages to each other many times a day. Teens send text messages to their friends sometimes a hundred times a day! I’m sure that most families now have members who use these methods to communicate. Are you surprised to think of that kind of communicating as writing? It is. And electronic written communication is growing in popularity and in importance.

Imagine your child as an adult in this world saturated with writing and reading and try to imagine him without adequate skills.

What if he can’t put his thoughts down in writing? What if he can’t write a short essay for a job interview? What if the spelling or grammar errors interfere with the reader’s understanding of what he has written?

Forget for a second the emotional importance of writing–that box of letters he’s written to you through the years that you treasure. What sort of job could he do without being able to write well? What sort of place could he live in? Who would his friends be? His partner? Sound drastic? It is. He might be isolated because he couldn’t write effectively.

Why writing? We want our children to become successful, effective communicators and adults. But don’t worry. It’s really quite easy! And you don’t have to turn your kitchen into a classroom to do it.

Stay tuned for concrete, easy, and fun ideas….

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