Summer and My Truest Self

Date: July 8th, 2015 | Categories: school, self, summer writing, writing | By: | Comments: 0

IMG_4841I’ve always loved summer best. Maybe it’s in part because there’s no school, no work and that freedom for ten weeks is quite blissful.

Or maybe it’s a bit more than that.

There’s nothing more fun, more liberating, than shedding my work wardrobe in favor of a drawer full of cut off shorts, tank tops, bare feet and shoulders.

The absence of work to fully occupy my mind leaves me room to return to my creative life, writing. And thinking about writing. For instance, I’m currently working on two (yes, two!) creative projects.

At the moment, I’ve just come back from walking my dog. Instead of fretting about some critical work issue, I spent the whole walk writing in my head, trying out sentences, considering adjectives and adverbs. Yeah, it’s likely I’m a writing geek, but that’s just fine with me.

Balance is good too. I enjoy being with friends, catching up after ten months of staying connected by quick text messages and rushed phone calls all school year. How much fun to sit on the beach for hours and laugh and share stories?

Inhale and exhale deeply.

But just under the surface during the summer, I’m writing. And noticing the poetry around me again. The sad song of the mourning doves as they flee from me and the dog.

Yes, summer: the sun, the space, and my truest self.

I’ll keep you posted on the creative work.

Hope you enjoy the summer too.

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