Location, Location, Location

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Over the weekend, I read an article in the NY Times about writing outside by Carol Kaufmann. Read it here.

It got me thinking about locations and inspiration and writing. I started wondering what would happen if I had my students do their writing work out in the garden on our campus. So Monday morning we went out. Kids picked spots in the sunshine, grass, flowers, and by the apple tree in the corner. And they wrote.

After my students did their writing lesson, I had them do a quick-write. They wrote about how writing outside changed their writing or their thinking. I figured that there would be mixed responses.

Their answers surprised me! Here are a few …typed here exactly as they were written:

  • I liked the smell of the fresh air and it affected my writing because I felt more comfortable.
  • It made me want to do more writing. Also, it inspires you to be more like inspired.
  • I liked it outside because I got to move around.
  • It made me feel good and got my ideas going.
  • I think we should all go to the garden.
  • I think we should write outside because I think about more stuff to put down. And I feel more emotions…
  • I think it is a sweet idea. If we go to the garden more I will be greatful
  • I feel much better outside because it’s peace and cwiet and inside the classroom they tell me can I use your eraser please

Which makes me wonder more about location and inspiration. Where do you write? Where do you feel most comfortable? Most inspired?

Thanks for reading. I’m headed out now to the beach to … you know what!



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