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I’m woke up this morning an hour before the alarm. The beginning of another school year is nearly here. I have a training to go to today. There are still new things to learn for me even after twenty-eight years of teaching.

During the summer, when my life is pretty stress free I typically sleep very well. But when I have things to get done, to think about, to learn, I wake too early with my mind racing. This morning I’m thinking about new students, new technology, and new Common Core Standards. Will I be able to construct and present lessons to my new students to best prepare them for their future? What other needs will they have? Will I be able to do enough and learn enough fast enough?

Many teachers I know have what we call “the September dreams”. In the weeks before the first day of school, I usually dream I am about 2 inches tall and the students are ten feet tall. They either don’t listen to me or can’t hear me. I cannot teach them anything or even get them lined up to go to recess. For some reason, the dreams go away completely after the first day of school. I guess there’s something about meeting my new students that makes some of my anxiety go away.

This morning I’m also thinking about the students who are feeling nervous about going back to school. I know they’re wondering whether they will like their teacher, if their teachers will be nice or strict, if their best friends will be in the same class, if they will be successful.

And I’m hoping that all of their worries go away after that first day of school too.

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