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I’m a little late doing my spring cleaning. But it’s summer, and I have time to go through all of those piles of papers that have been growing around my living room. I came across a bundle of postcards. I couldn’t just file them away without opening the bundle and looking through the cards.

When my son was in fourth grade, his teacher worked hard to help her students understand the world, the globe, and geography. To help out on my end, I asked traveling friends and family to send my son postcards. We still have the impressive collection of nearly a hundred cards from all over the world. I love the pictures, and I love the notes people wrote. There are many fun details about what they saw, and notes that say they were thinking of us while they were away. My favorite is the one from my dad.

He was traveling a lot for work then. I asked him to send a card to BJ. He said he didn’t know what to say. But he sent one anyway. It says: Hi BJ, I’m in Texas and I wanted to say hello. Love, Papa

photo-1I love rereading his familiar handwriting and remembering his generous spirit.

As I hold this card it makes me smile. And I guess don’t people send postcards very much any more. I guess it’s so much easier to post pictures online  or send an email to connect when traveling. But I think I’m going to make it a point to send a few postcards this summer. I’m happy to have these tangible memories written by hand. Maybe I can find a recipient of a card who will feel the same way.

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    I love receiving any sort of mail, even junk mail believe it or not. For about a month I was without mail due to an unforeseen discrepancy, and I felt lost without it. I felt I was missing out on what was on special at the supermarket, or whose home just got sold by the local agent, but mostly missing my bills! I especially love receiving personal mail of which I must be honest doesn’t come as often as I’d like. In a good year I’ll receive at least one or two… birthday invitations. O.K. maybe not that personal but they were personally addressed to me and not to the residence of. Anyways Ms. Zupan, you will be receiving a post card from me from somewhere although I don’t know where I’m going or where I’m headed but it will come from where I’m at thinking of postcards days gone by.

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